Benefits Of Capital Punishment

Benefits Of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is the death penalty, and it involves the killing of someone with legal authorization to punish them for committing a capital offense that is considered brutal and is usually inhumane in nature. The benefits of the death penalty include:

Question Of Morality

When the moral implication of capital punishment is put to the question, it is sgfCdsgcfsgcvdgproposed that the incarceration for the period of life of the individual who commits murder or brutal offenses is not proportional to the heinousness and extent of the offense. The death penalty supports the importance of the fundamental right of life that is not to be disrupted by any individual who decides to play God. The bereaved, the jurors and the prosecution team all believe in the need to maintain the moral order provided for in the system of human law. A mere sentencing would not be just for the individuals whose lives are taken.

Closure For The Bereaved

The psychological trauma of the individuals who were related to the victim of the murder that comes from the pain of having lost someone endeared to them leaves the bereaved in pain. Therefore, seeing the individual responsible for their pain and emotional stress being punished though the death penalty gives them a reprieve. They are consoled with that which they consider justice served, and they can get the much-needed closure.

Nature Of The Penalty

The death penalty is less barbaric, and it is a clean and efficient way of killing the individual responsible for committing a capital offense. Compared to other ways to kill that include hanging off the guilty or being asked to stand in front of a firing squad, it is humane and time effective as it is administered through the lethal injection.

Effective Crime Prevention Method

scvgdcvdgcvThe death penalty has been successful in discouraging individuals with the intent of committing heinous murders from doing so. The potential murderers are scared of having to go through capital punishment because there is no way out of a sentence that leads to being on the death row list.

Cost Of Death

When the cost of death is put in comparison with the amount that would be spent to sustain the livelihoods of capital offenders, it is a consensus that the government should not cater to the cost of living in providing health services and food for the hardened criminals who are inhumane. Therefore as it is considered impractical to spend, the cost of the death penalty is considered a viable solution to the question of what to do to the offenders.