Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile Justice System

The term juvenile is used to refer to a minor, who by laws of the state is under the age that has been set as when the individual is expected to own up to their actions and deal with their consequences. This age is the statutory age of the majority. Juvenile delinquency is when the minors engage in illegal behaviors. Most states have a legal system to deal with the juvenile offenders. That is the justice of minors system which incorporates the use of juvenile detention centers after a hearing in the juvenile courts. Benefits include;


The main goal of the juvenile justice system is the rehabilitation of the minors whose behavior goes against the law.The process of rehabilitation works towards deterring the facilitation of criminal recidivism that is the act of carrying out offenses repeatedly. The juvenile offender is re-integrated into society.

Protection Of Minors

If adults and minor offenders were to be incarcerated together where there could be any form of physical interaction, there is potential for abuse of the minors by the adults. This abuse could be physical involving being beaten or sexually violated. By having the separate legal systems, judges of the juvenile courts should ensure the treatment needs of the minor offenders are met while also maintaining the safety of the inmates who are minors. Other dangers of incarcerating minors with adults include the appropriation of deviant behavior by the adults which may negatively influence the minors to break law after release.

Creation Of Opportunities After Confinement

The juvenile justice system ensures that the rights of the minors are maintained after they are released from the juvenile detention centers. They are given fair access to education and to treatment that goes a long way in helping them mature into having meaningful adult lives. Therefore, they can secure employment without being discriminated against.


Counseling services are offered to the minors who are confined to the juvenile detention centers after every court proceeding. This assists the minor in processing their feelings and thoughts about their behavior and the consequences of their actions. They can carry out a self-analysis and know how to correct their act of misdemeanor.

Public Safety Needs to be Met

fagscxsfgcgThe juvenile offenders pose a threat when they are out in then society because their delinquency may endanger the lives of the public. If they are found guilty in juvenile court, they are to be detained in the juvenile detention centers where no harm will come to others, until the deviant behavior they exhibit is corrected