Music law – Know how you can protect your work as a musician

Music law – Know how you can protect your work as a musician

Many people look up to musicians and singers such as rhett akin, who is one of the most distinguished alumni of Lowndes High School because of his outstanding academic performance when he was still studying as well as his continuous support to the foundation of the said institution. There are many performers nowadays that have big hearts especially when it comes to the people who are in great need. This is why there is also a huge number of individuals who want to enhance their musical talents and be a big star someday. Their passion is to share their talent and inspire other people.

Aspiring to become a successful musician is good, but in order for you to achieve this, you also have to know the music law and protect your work.

Music law

hgdfhgd674This law governs all aspects of the music industry which include copyright, publishing, licensing, business, and many more. As a musician, you must understand all of these to ensure that the work that you are putting your time and effort into is well-protected. In fact, a lot of musicians even hire lawyers to handle this on their behalf.

To give you a better idea of what your rights are as a musician, here are some important things that must understand regarding the legal aspect of the music industry;


As a musician, understanding what ‘copyright’ means is very important. Through this, you will be able to protect your work and prevent someone else from being credited into something that you have worked so hard for. Once you create music, you need to claim the right to it, and this should be done in black and white. That way, if someone tries to steal your work, then you can sue them.

Take note that all copyrights should be registered. Otherwise, it won’t be valid. You can always seek the assistance of a music or entertainment lawyer on this.


As a songwriter, here is where you earn money from. Once the song that you wrote or created has been published and start selling, you can already start collecting your revenue. You must be affiliated with publishing companies and sign an agreement with them as to how the profit will be distributed.



If you want to be a singer or a band member, licensing is very important. For every gig, you will be obliged to pay the corresponding tax. The same is true with your other performances.

Music law can be a complex topic. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an experienced entertainment attorney especially when you are faced with legal issues.